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About Us

The vision for the companys founder was to give the essence of history and prestige to those who cant afford furniture that belonged to the aristocratic elite, which can only be seen in famous Chateaus and manours. For example Louvre, Hermitage and renaissance era palazzos.

Puit Oü as a company started in 1990 after Estonia got its independence. Just in 2 years manufacturing moved from a small room on top of a garage to a more suitable facility. With just 6 workers the company founder had invisioned to produce more than just furniture. At the same time the product range expanded from making chairs to include a much more varied selection of furniture products, including cabinets, dining tables, bedroom and kitchen furniture. As time moved on the need for custom staircaises also emerged.

Today we have grown to a noticeable firm with just 9 workers, who know how to manufacture furniture, giving it function, luxury and comfortability with in all proportional design. Our furniture is constructed only from the best materials in the wood industry, including oak, ash, beech and walnut.

Whilst the Puit Oü is mosty associated with classical style furniture, recent years has seen us diversify into alternative materials such as MDF and plywood. Hence our range incorporates both classic and contemporary designs to cater for all tastes and requirements. Whatever the material however, we believe that quality is everything – we do not cut any corners or manufacture our products to any price-point. You will probably be able to find cheaper furniture, but you won’t find better.

We hope that you choose Puit Oü furniture for your home or business, and having done so enjoy it for many years to come.